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                Dongguan Hua su tai Silica gel ornament factoryDongguan Hua su tai Silica gel ornament factory  is silica gel products, silica gel phone sets, computer sets, iphone phone sets, silica gel hand ring, hair ornament, key ring, spluttered table, silicone rubber band, mobile phone frame, silica gel ear pins and other products specializing in the production of processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system. Dongguan changping China plastic Thai silica gel ornament factory of the good faith, the strength and the product quality in the industry get approval. My company is designed for each big enterprises and institutions provide the development of all kinds of silica gel products…


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                1, professional design fully satisfy customers to sample custom requirements; 6, enterprises implement ISO9001 quality management, the third party QC quality inspection;
                2, 10 years of industry experience is quality protection; 7, three days delivery;
                3, the introduction of Germany advanced production technology making the first-class products; 8, the cash supply, guangdong province door-to-door delivery;
                4, foreign imported advanced production equipment, raw material independent processing condiment; 9, a quality problem can be exchanged;
                5, environmental protection material, high quality; 10, perfect after-sale service system, zero risk promise.



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                Excuse me, your company's delivery will not have quality problem? And delivery way has been damaged can return?
                Admin ReplyHow do you do! My company before delivery is pass strict inspection, no problem to ship it, so please rest assured sent is in good condition. If the order sheet is tasted the whole case book, extrusion bad can exchange, please in the goods received within 2 days after taking pictures and contact us return. For your order of product variety is more, in the transport process a few package extrusion belongs to normal, to this kind of extrusion we are unable to give you accept the goods, please put this loss calculation into your purchase cost inside.
                Mr chen
                I do phone sets foreign trade, want to do more characteristics of the cell phone sets, do excuse me I can be customized to sample?
                Admin ReplyMr. Chen hello, can be customized to sample, you have to provide design, our designers will be according to your requirement, design, you feel satisfied, we began to production. You'd better come to our company to negotiate a moment, so that would be good.